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Jordan Barker wins in Orlando October Tournament!

Orlando Regional is next on Dec. 14-15!

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Welcome to the STPC South region website. Feel free to make any suggestions on how we can improve and develop from here on.

Official 2019 South Tournament Schedule

 March 9-10 
 Orlando, FL
 2018 season
Dave Lippert
 April 13-14
 Ft. Pierce/Vero Beach. FL (confirmed)
 2018 season
Ken Biss
 May 18-19
  Ft. Lauderdale, FL

 2018 season

Nick Wiseman
 June 22-23
 Red Bay, AL
 2018 season
Chris Wiseman
  June 29-30
 Orlando, FL
 1980 season
Willy Dominguez
  July 20-21
 Dallas, TX
 2018  season
Mike Mezaros
   August 10-11
 Orlando, FL
 2018  season
Ed Kilmer
   August 24-25
 Raleigh, NC
 2018  season
Lance Schull
   Sept. 7-8
 Sebastian, FL
 2018 season
Chris Wiseman
   Sept. 28-29
 Vero Beach, FL
 1980 season
Chris Wiseman
  Oct. 5-6
 New Orleans, LA
 2018 season
  Oct. 25-26
 Orlando, FL
 2018 season
  Jordan Barker
 Nov. 16-17
 Raleigh, NC
 2018 season
  VACANT- Cancelled
 Dec. 14-15
 2018 season

Upcoming Schedule:

* Our next event will be the South Regional in Orlando!
* Schedule venues are subject to change. Please email me if you have any questions.

Good to know....

* All Florida tournaments host their draft either on Friday nights or on the Monday previous to the tournament via Skype, unless otherwise  noted.

* Dallas and New Orleans may conduct drafts at least one week earlier using Stratdraft. 

* Most players are done with tournament play no later than noon on Sunday unless they make the playoffs. Our goal is to have all tournament business finished no later than 6PM  on Sunday.

 For some additional fun, you can also play via Skype with our partner